Hampi organization demands return of the Krishna statue from the Chennai Museum

In the 14th century, the British moved the statue of Lord Krishna from the Balakrishna Temple in Hampi to the Egmore Museum in Chennai. Now, the locals of Hampi are demanding its return.

Members of the Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority, a public welfare association, have made two significant demands. Firstly, they want the statue of Lord Krishna, currently in Chennai, to be returned to Hampi. They also urge the Archaeological Survey of India to install a statue of Vitthala in the Vijaya Vitthala temple complex, a request that has been ongoing for centuries.

Additionally, locals have called for the documentation of statues originally from Hampi, which are now housed in various museums across India. Recently, a statue with connections to Hampi was discovered in Maharashtra. The Balakrishna statue in the Chennai Museum includes details of its origin and period, strengthening the locals’ demand for its return. Despite some damage, the intricate carving of Lord Krishna’s face on the statue at the Hampi Museum is notable, according to association president Virupakshi V. The ASI has agreed to present these demands to the central government.

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