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Hampi administration to be included in Vijayanagara district

The government has recently proposed to place the Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority (HWAHMA) under the jurisdiction of Vijayanagar district. It is being done to improve the management of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi.

HWAHMA was kept under the jurisdiction of Ballari, even though the Ballari district was divided into Ballari and Vijayanagara. This move led to many administrative problems. Hampi is geographically located in Vijayanagara, but the administration was being directed via Ballari.

Deputy Commissioner of Vijayanagara, MS Divakara, explained that legal matters and administrative decisions had to be directed through Ballari. An official working for HWAHMA mentioned that due to this administrative irregularity, they had to travel approximately 60km to Ballari for quarterly meetings. The matter was brought to the attention of the state government, and it is anticipated to be addressed in the upcoming cabinet meeting scheduled for Thursday at 4 PM.

The HWHAMA came into existence in order to look after and handle the world-renowned site and resources with special attention.The discrepancy is expected to be addressed in the upcoming legislative session. An act establishing regulations for the administration of Hampi is expected to be passed.

The government has received many suggestions regarding the improvement required in the management of Hampi. The government has engaged in discussions with officials from HWHAMA and district authorities regarding the same.

The team of Assembly speakers and council chairman, who visited Belagavi, has meanwhile returned. The upcoming legislative session, scheduled from December 4 to 15. The issue is expected to be discussed in cabinet on Thursday.

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