From cheers to silence: Reflecting on the Hampi Utsav’s end

The vibrant Hampi festival concluded on a high note, captivating more than 12 lakh attendees with its rich cultural, literary, and traditional programs. Minister B.Z Zameer Ahmed Khan likened the event to a grand state celebration, lauding the meticulous organization and dedication of officials, especially under the leadership of the MLA and DC.

Minister Khan emphasized the inclusive nature of the festival, devoid of political affiliations, and commended the police department for their extensive arrangements that contributed to the overall success and safety of the extravaganza. To support local businesses, the minister announced discounted meals at hotel stalls in Hampi, with the district administration waiving off rent based on their services.

Renowned Kannada film actor and director V Ravichandran, the guest on the concluding day, highlighted the essence of festivals in fostering happiness within families and bringing communities together. He expressed admiration for the artistic legacy of Hampi and stressed the festival’s role in uniting the region annually.

Deputy Commissioner MS Divakara shed light on the broader purpose of the festival, showcasing the state’s rich art, literature, and culture. The cultural programs on four platforms provided a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and gain exposure.

The festival featured diverse events, including Tungarati, Vasanta Vaibhava procession, cattle shows, sheep shows, millet exhibition, and an impressive flower show, enhancing its appeal and cultural richness. As the Hampi festival concluded, the streets once bustling with life gradually returned to tranquility, leaving behind memories of a grand celebration that revived the glory of the Vijayanagara Empire.

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