Former Minister B. Sriramulu makes a political comeback as BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate

Former Minister B. Sriramulu declares that the BJP’s selection of him as their candidate for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections signifies a pivotal moment in his political trajectory. This decision comes after a short period of political dormancy subsequent to his loss in the 2023 Assembly elections, which he terms as “Agnatwas.” Sriramulu exudes assurance in clinching victory for the BJP in the Ballari segment.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Sriramulu reflects on his journey from defeat to resurgence, attributing his political revival to the trust bestowed upon him by former Lok Sabha member Basavarajeshwari, who appointed him to the Ballari City Municipal Council. Determined to serve the people, Sriramulu pledges to win the Ballari seat and collaborate with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in advancing India’s development agenda.

Emphasizing the national significance of the upcoming elections, Sriramulu asserts that it is not merely a contest between individual candidates but a collective endeavor to strengthen India. He echoes Modi’s ambitious target of securing over 400 seats for the NDA and 370 for the BJP, expressing confidence in the electorate’s overwhelming support for the party’s vision.

The press conference was attended by former legislator T.H. Suresh Babu and senior party leaders S.J.V. Mahipal, Muraharagouda, Aruna Kamineni, and K.A. Ramalingappa.

Regarding the Ballari segment, it was historically a stronghold of the Congress for 48 years until 1999 when it garnered national attention during a contest between Sonia Gandhi and Sushma Swaraj. The BJP made significant inroads in 2004, ultimately securing victories in subsequent elections, including the latest in 2019.

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