Exciting Hampi Tour In 3 Days?

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Hampi being a heritage site has been of significance for a long. Its significance makes it all the more enduring and enriching. A lot of people remain dicey about how long will it take for them to have a tour of the entire Hampi. Well, when it comes to Hampi, there is so much to explore than any number of days. We will discuss how many days are sufficient for Hampi tour.

Number Of Days

Hampi Tours
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Well, As mentioned Hampi is a huge area to explore and you would be going through the history of India. We know, how you may have only a few days of vacation and you probably would be wondering if you would be able to cover the area within those days. Honestly speaking, it depends on you. You know your timings and interests best, you can cover the entire area in no time if you want or you may take a few days.

Technically, a place like Hampi would at least take 2 days for a complete tour but if you wish to experience the place to the core then we might ask you to give the place at least 3 days, of course, you can extend the stay if you wish. If you are someone who will travel via Bangalore, then you are not getting any buses during the day, so if you plan to go by bus then you can go at night and accordingly plan a 2 days trip.

Now, remember Hampi has two sides and you can visit the one with temples and ruins first and then you can go to the famous hippie island. This will help you relax and get away from all the tiredness and fatigue from the journey with the waterfall, the lake, and other beauties offered by the nature.

You may also take a bike if you wish to for travel purposes that are of course fun and can be easily rented but differently for both sides o you may prefer auto, where you will be able to visit all popular destinations in no time and a good driver, will help you better with the history and significance of the place but you have to be sure of that initial bargain though or else you are up for some huge amount as fare.

Now, you will be able to cover the town part of Hampi in a day but for that, it is advised that you start early especially if you are here for a short trip because hey! you wouldn’t want to miss out on those beautiful pieces of architecture and areas of significance.

The other half can be done enjoying hippies. If you are here for 3 days then you must spend a day in town and 2 in hippie. You can easily stay in some guesthouse and there is plenty of them, choose whichever is comfortable and affordable for you. You must do all the things that hippie is famous for from sunsets and sunrises to bouldering and shopping. If you want to find out the top 10 things that you must do at Hampi then you can find our blog on the website.

Conclusion of Hampi Tour

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Okay, so we may conclude that you can cover Hampi in 2 days to visit the beautiful temples and astonishing monuments and complete your list of all the things that you should be doing in Hampi like feeding Laxmi (the elephant) whom you can find in the famous Virupaksha temple and go to the Stone Chariot and visit all the ruins and places of significance in Hampi like Queen’s bath, steeped tank, elephant stables, as well as octagonal bath and please, do not miss those jamming sessions watching the beautiful sunset and also trekking (do not miss it).

The trek is extremely easy, especially that of Anjaneya hills with 575 steps only. Do not forget to take some breaks and enjoy the food of food joints. We do not expect you to spend a lot of days in Hampi but making sure you make a trip for at least 2 days and 3 days is what you would need to experience Hampi to the fullest and enjoy every aspect of the trip. Make sure you keep your knowledge of Hampi and its architects so that you do not miss any monument of significance.

You can take the help of the website Hospet and see all the places that you should visit and know their importance and history. This trip will be memorable if you are already equipped with a knowledge bank of the place and various other information like budget and travel means which all can be found on the website. Good luck on your adventure to the place of heritage and we recommend you to go for sure if you are someone wishing to go to the place.

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