DySP Vishwanath seeks vaccination of Public during Ganesh Chaturthi celebration

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Vishwanath Rao Kulkarni on Tuesday chaired a meeting with the Public Ganesha Idol Establishment Board to discuss the guidelines to be followed during the Ganesha Chaturthi. DySP advises the board members to influence the utmost 50 people to take the Covid vaccines on a regular basis.

On the Hosapete City Police Station grounds, the meeting was held to state all the ground rules and guidelines to be followed during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.

“The Public Ganesha Idol Establishment Board should strictly adhere and follow the guidelines imposed by the government following Covid appropriate behaviour. They are also bound to cooperate with the local administration and Police department”, said Vishwanath Rao Kulkarni.

Mr Rao also put light on the fact that the vaccination drive in the district would be a success if the board members influenced at least 50 people a day during a 3-day Ganesha Chaturthi celebration. The people can be persuaded to take the vaccine during their visit to the Ganesha Idols at various places.

“In various wards, the installation of Ganesha idols shall be permitted and will be allowed to remain for three days, and the discharge and immersion of idols into the water shall take place after three days”, informed DySP Visvanath Rao Kulkarni.

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