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DC announces rules for Diwali

  • Bursting of crackers Diwali between 8pm and 10pm only.
  • Only green firecrackers allowed to be sold, as per Supreme Court order.
  • A special task force to ensure sale of only “green” fireworks.
  • Prohibition on selling or bursting of crackers near schools, hospitals and any other no firecrackers zone.
  • Legal action against anyone making or selling firecrackers illegally during the festival.
  • Unauthorized transportation of prohibited firecrackers into the state to result in confiscation.

District Collector M.S. Divakara of Hospet, Vijaynagara has announced stringent control measures over the sale and usage of firecrackers and explosives in the district in light of the upcoming Diwali festival. 

“If there is stock of prohibited firecrackers other than green firecrackers, the warehouse will be confiscated, and a criminal case will be filed against the concerned persons.” said M.S.Divakara, Deputy Commissioner, Vijayanagara.

“All green crackers should be ensured to have the symbol and QR code on the package. Unmarked crackers should be confiscated. Only green firecrackers should be used during festive celebrations. It should be used without harming any animal, birds, children, and the elderly while using it,” he added.

Karnataka’s state government has provided directives for all districts including Hospet, Vijayanagara district governing the use of fireworks, allowing them to be detonated only within designated hours. Officials from the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) have formed a dedicated task force to oversee the exclusive sale of “green crackers” and have proposed specific guidelines to maintain air quality within acceptable limits. The KSPCB banned the sale or ignition of fireworks in close proximity to schools and hospitals. These limitations are a preemptive measure to reduce air and noise pollution during the Diwali festivities.

Recent research has affirmed the detrimental effects of air and noise pollution resulting from the use of fireworks on both humans and wildlife. In response to these concerns, the National Green Authority, in a directive dating back to 2018, mandated the use of only eco-friendly fireworks, as recommended by CSIR and NERI.

To ensure compliance, task forces, comprising representatives from various departments, concerned citizens, and local organizations, are being mobilized. Their primary objective is to inspect the warehouses of all firecracker vendors, with a focus on identifying any prohibited fireworks that do not adhere to the green standards set by the authorities. Warehouses found to possess such unauthorized stock will face confiscation, and legal action will be initiated against those responsible.

To guarantee the use of environmentally friendly fireworks, it is imperative that all green crackers carry a designated symbol and QR code on their packaging. Crackers lacking these markings will be confiscated to maintain the integrity of the directive. The insistence is on the use of green fireworks during festive celebrations, with a stipulation that they must be employed responsibly, ensuring the safety of animals, birds, children, and the elderly.

In addition to enforcement measures, there is a call for extensive awareness programs targeting the public and children. The aim is to educate individuals about the significance of eco-friendly celebrations and to promote responsible disposal of the solid waste generated during festivities. Importantly, the directive emphasizes the prohibition of fireworks in restricted areas, urging strict adherence to this guideline to mitigate the environmental impact of such celebrations.

The unauthorized transportation of prohibited firecrackers from other states will result in immediate confiscation, as per the latest directive. Strict legal action is also mandated against individuals involved in the illegal making and selling of firecrackers during the festival. In a bid to ensure effective implementation, a nodal officer has been appointed, underscoring the commitment to enforcing these regulations.

The District Environment Officer of the State Pollution Control Board, S.C. Suresh, has fervently appealed for the celebration of an environmentally friendly Diwali. Emphasizing the need to control pollution, he urges the use of eco-friendly green firecrackers during the festival of lights. Compliance with the Supreme Court order is paramount, allowing only the sale of green firecrackers. Moreover, the use of any other type of firecracker is strictly prohibited. Suresh underscores the designated time for bursting green firecrackers, permitted only from 8 to 10 pm, aligning with the Supreme Court’s guidelines.

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