COVID patients rise up for National Anthem at Ballari

The doctors and nurses at Ballari hospital decided to celebrate Independence Day in a very simple way by playing the national anthem without informing the patients about it.

Surprisingly, all the patients slowly started to stand up as the national anthem was being played. Even though some of the patients were a little unwell, they still stood up to honour the national anthem.

To celebrate the occasion, the doctors distributed fruits to the patients.

Even though some patients had tiredness, a little fever and some breathing difficulty, they still chose to stand up,”

said a doctor, who was one of the organizers.

Nakul shared a video of the celebration in which the patients were seen standing beside their beds, some wearing masks, while a woman was seen folding her hands with reverence as another even saluted.

The medical staff shot the video from outside the treatment room through a transparent partition.

The patients did not know that Independence Day was being celebrated. It was not planned or rehearsed, yet they all stood up for the national anthem,”

Ballari Deputy Commissioner S.S. Nakul

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