Controversial Hospet road widening faces opposition: public urges cancellation as 150 trees slated for removal

Outcry over tree demolition for Hospet road development echoes among environmentalists and local residents. Controversy erupts as forest department proposes felling 450 trees on tb sanatorium to Hospet road, seeks public input.

According to reliable sources within the Forest Department, individuals passionate about the environment and local residents have voiced their resolute disapproval of the proposed felling of extensively grown trees flanking the road in Kuvempunagar.

Numerous objections have been raised against the tree-cutting initiative, with approximately 35 to 40 individuals asserting that the trees should remain untouched. The sources have indicated that the ultimate determination will be made subsequent to consultations with the district administration.

During the previous government’s tenure, the Bellary Urban Development Authority, under the leadership of T.B., had issued tenders for the expansion of a road connecting Sanatorium to Vinayakanagar, Allipur, and Hospet Bypass. However, there have been allegations suggesting that this road widening project is primarily intended to benefit influential individuals.

Initially, the forest department also voiced their objection to the felling of trees along the road. However, it has been reported that objections were subsequently disregarded due to various reasons.

The scarcity of trees providing shade in the sun-scorched city of Bellary has prompted many individuals to question the purpose of cutting down these few remaining trees. It has been criticized, especially on the occasion of World Environment Day, that the forest department, which once advocated the idea of “A tree for a house, a forest for a village,” now appears to be contradicting itself by participating in the removal of standing trees.

District Collector Pawan Kumar Malapati, who recently addressed the issue of tree cutting, has stated that the subsequent course of action will be determined based on the objections received from the public. Considering the significant opposition expressed by the public, what decision will the district administration now undertake in response to this matter?

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