Complete 101-Guide To Reach Ruins of Hampi

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Hampi is such an iconic place and a lot of people have ruins of Hampi on their travel list. We know you have it too and since It’s an ancient place with a lot of things happening. You do not want to be Alice in Wonderland and should probably plan your travel. This is a great idea given that the place might not be that developed to fit your usual travel standards. However, it is worth all that you will get to travel in. The experience is surreal and extraordinary irrespective of whether you chose to go solo or with a group of friends or family or just your partner.

Now, Hampi is a small town although no less in beauty, so it’s time to pack those bags and get going. You can get to Hospet via train. You can choose whatever section you feel like and is convenient for you.

This is the place from where you will have some limited sources for traveling. However, the bus is the best solution here. This is also because even if you miss out on a bus, there are plenty you will have every 45 minutes.

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The moment you reach Hampi, just know that you are a stranger there and a lot of experienced drivers here might want to take advantage of it. So, when you get down, just go towards the ferry that will take you to the other side of the river and it is very easy to reach near that ferry because it is just a right turn from a huge temple where you will see where the bus stops.

Here, you can take a ferry which will help you get to the other side of the town. This helps you reach as well as enjoy a beautiful ride. But make sure you are on time as it may leave near midday. You can also try the traditional coracle boat which is also an experience in itself.

Hampi can be easily visited and enjoyed by foot but if you are someone who has a love for riding and sightseeing then you can probably rent a scooter and if you are very confident with your riding skills given the roads that are a bit dirty and may have numerous potholes then you can probably experience this adventure as well.

All the ruins and all the beautiful sights of Hampi are going to take a day or two. All these places can be done by walking but for a better experience, it is advised to hire a rickshaw. You can hire a driver for some hours and visit some of the temples and other places. Usually, you can cover around 5 to 6 temples in four to five hours.

If you wish to travel to a hippie island then we would recommend starting on a new day especially if you are late because a late-night trip can cost you a bomb and will take a lot more time than usual. So, make sure you go there and use a ferry to cross the river.

Going Back

After you are done start with your journey back to the main stop. Take a ferry back to the main town. Here, take a rickshaw back to hosapete and enjoy the journey in the rickshaw. You can also take a local bus to Hosapete. Usually, these buses are very crowded, so if you feel you can stand in the crowd and complete your journey then you can take a local bus. If you get lucky then you might get a not-so-crowded bus.

These are the travel means that you can use in Hampi and keep sailing through the journey. It’s a beautiful place and to learn more about it, you can continue reading the articles on hospet.online.

Conclusion Of Ruins Of Hampi

ruins of hampi
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Hampi is a very calming place. You can visit it with friends, family, or even solo and you are likely to have a great time irrespective which is why a lot of tourists come from every corner of the world to see it and experience the authenticity and cultural heritage that the place has to offer. There are a lot of people who have been visiting this place for so many years and every time they visit the place they have been left in awe.

There is so much that you all can explore in the place and learn about especially related to the history of India and its empire. There is literally so much that you can see every time you visit the place and we are sure that you will keep discovering new things each time. This is an experience that one must have in their lifetime and should visit solo, family, and friends as well so that you have an experience altogether.

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