CM Siddaramaiah aims to transform Bellary’s mining impact zones

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of Karnataka has issued a directive, emphasizing the importance of efficiently executing a comprehensive Mining Sector Development Plan. He also intends to grant greater significance to the Karnataka Mining Environment Restoration Corporation by amending its by-laws in Bellary and other cities.

To streamline mining operations and address concerns related to mining leases, the Chief Minister has urged for the establishment of a unified system that acts as a single window.

Additionally, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has directed the Karnataka Mining Environment Restoration Corporation to make amendments to its by-laws, appointing himself as the Chairman of the Governing Body. This decision is aimed at facilitating the effective implementation of the action plan for Comprehensive Development in Mining Impact Zones (CEPMIZ) within districts impacted by mining activities. Notably, Bellary is among the districts significantly affected by mining operations.

The action plan has already received approval from the Supreme Court, highlighting its importance in promoting sustainable development and environmental restoration in mining-affected regions like Bellary.

Conducting a thorough review, the Chief Minister has assessed the operations of the Karnataka Mining Environment Restoration Corporation. In the State, a total of 466 villages across four districts – Bellary, Vijayanagar, Chitradurga, and Tumkur – have been officially declared as mine-affected areas. The Supreme Court has granted approval to an action plan, amounting to approximately Rs 24,996.71 crore, aimed at fostering the development of these villages.

Following the directives of the Supreme Court, Justice Sudarshan Reddy, a retired judge from the same court, has been designated as the overseeing authority responsible for the validation and execution of the projects. Up to this point, an expenditure of Rs 7634.96 crore has been incurred in the four districts, with a total of 317 proposals receiving approval. To expedite the preparation and approval of the remaining proposals, the Chief Minister has instructed the establishment of an engineering cell in these four districts. The goal is to swiftly develop an action plan under the guidance of the district in-charge minister and the Deputy Commissioner.

Highlighting the potential for the development of mine-affected villages through this project, the Chief Minister emphasized the importance of maintaining the quality of the undertaken works, directing officials accordingly (ANI).

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