Cloud seeding takes off from Jindal Airport Ballari

A cloud seeding mission in the Raichur district begins with a significant milestone. The departure of an aircraft from Ballari Jindal Airport. Over the next three days, this aircraft will take center stage in cloud seeding operations, aimed at addressing the pressing issue of drought affecting seven districts in Kalyana Karnataka. The departure from Ballari Jindal Airport signifies the launch of this crucial initiative.

As reservoirs across the state continue to dry up, intensifying the ongoing drought crisis, representatives of farmers dedicated to their respective districts’ welfare have stepped up to support these cloud seeding operations. The seven drought-affected districts in Kalyana Karnataka are now receiving assistance, thanks to the backing of Secretary Bhosaraj’s Foundation. With the aircraft’s departure from Ballari Jindal Airport, cloud seeding activities will unfold in the Raichur district over the next three pivotal days.

In response to these efforts, there is hope for the growth of various crops, including paddy, jowar, and groundnuts, which have struggled due to the drought. These crops depend on rain until the end of December to thrive, and the anticipation of much-needed precipitation has left the food providers eagerly awaiting the outcome. While reservoirs are gradually filling up on one side, the canals remain dry on the other, posing a challenge for those who rely on them for their livelihood.

Notably, cloud seeding has already yielded positive results in regions like Haveri and Belagavi. This success story has prompted cloud seeding to be extended to Raichur, where it is expected to make a significant impact. Secretary Bhosaraj’s Foundation, in collaboration with the Karnataka government, is actively overseeing the execution of cloud seeding. The takeoff of the aircraft from Ballari Jindal Airport marks the beginning of three days dedicated to cloud seeding efforts in the Raichur district.

A dedicated team of experts, having spent the past month meticulously studying weather patterns, now takes to the skies to execute cloud seeding operations. Their mission over the next three days is to influence the weather in a way that will bring much-needed rainfall.

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