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Boy misbehaves at a school in Hospet after consuming alcohol and ganja


The teachers of Katta Krishnavenamma Memorial Kannada Medium School in Hospet are upset by the misbehaviour of a former student of the school. It has been reported that he regularly offends people under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. A complaint was filed with the police against him by teachers of the school.

He sneaks onto the school’s grounds with a bottle of booze and some beverages and also threw it up all over the place creating chaos on the school grounds. As a result, his behaviour has become tiresome to both teachers as well as students.

It was reported that the troublemaker, Ramu alias Heggana is a former student of the same institution. He has been bothering the teachers by visiting the school every day and interfering with the studies of the students.

Katta Krishnavenamma Memorial Kannada Medium School in Hospet was established in 2009. It is located in an Urban area. The school consists of Grades from 1 to 7 and it is a Co-education school with an attached pre-primary section.

Teachers complained to the police that Ramu attends school every day and disturbs students and staff with his inappropriate behaviour.

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