Bellary Railway Station to be developed under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

The Amrit Bharat Station initiative, led by the central government, is focused on developing 504 railway stations nationwide. Among these stations is Ballari, originally constructed in 1869 during the British era, and it has recently been revitalized, showcasing a new image.

This labor-intensive project, valued at 17 crore rupees, has been making consistent progress in recent days and is set to be fully completed by March 2024. Various amenities are being introduced for enhanced passenger experience, including CCTV cameras, LED screens, road expansions, well-maintained parking for cars and bikes, facilities for differently-abled individuals, affectionate arrangements for the visually impaired, artistic entry gates, free Wi-Fi facility, foot over bridge of 12 m. Beautification of the station is planned by providing various facilities including widening.

The development at Ballari Railway Station reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing railway infrastructure across the country. Under the scheme, the station in Ballari stands out as a key revenue-generating hub within the expansive jurisdiction of the South Western Railway.

A majority of passenger trains at Ballari Railway Station have been diverted through the Cantonment Station, where various construction workers are employed. This has led to confusion among passengers who lack information. Travelers bound for the Dharwad Central Station are now waiting before redirecting to the Cantonment Station. The deployment of construction workers has caused disruptions, leading to frustration among commuters.

Priority is given to providing more conveniences for passengers under the plan. Currently, one escalator is operational, with an additional two escalators under construction. The waiting area for male and female passengers is being further expanded.

The release of a grant of 50 crore rupees could have facilitated the comprehensive development of the station. It was suggested that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi should be installed in front of the station, which holds sentimental value as it was a place where Gandhi had spent some time, as mentioned by K. M. Ashwath, the State President of the Karnataka State Railway Action Committee.

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