Anand Singh: Vijayanagar will become new district by 2021

Forest Minister Anand Singh expressed confidence that Vijayanagar will become a new district by 2021.

Speaking after hoisting a 150-feet height tricolour to mark the Independence Day at 6:15 AM at Rotary Circle here on Saturday, he said we got Independence after the sacrifice of several freedom fighters.

After Vijayanagar becomes a new district, nation’s tallest national flag will be unfurled at the municipal ground here, he said.

If this comes through, Vijayanagar will be Karnataka’s 31st district. In terms of the geographical area, Ballari is the seventh-largest behind Kalaburagi, Tumakuru, Vijayapura, Uttara Kannada and Shivamogga.

The minister has contributed Rs 50 lakhs to build a flag post at Rotary Circle.

Read more about the flag here: Hospet gets 150 ft Flag, A list of tallest flags around India.

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