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Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog Visits Hampi

Amitabh Kant is the CEO of NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) since 2019. NITI is a government institution for catalyzing economic development. He visited Hampi along with his family on Saturday and stayed back till Sunday.

“It’s magical, it’s majestic, it’s amazing, Two days are not enough to cover this beautiful place” were the exaggerating words of Mr. Kant after witnessing the splendor of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hampi on Saturday and Sunday.

He said, “I should have taken leave for a few more days to explore and praise this site,” after taking a visit to the historical site with his family members. The CEO was mesmerized by the most prominent Stone Chariot and magical musical pillars at the Vijaya Vitthala Temple complex. Officials from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority (HWHAMA) accompanied Mr. Kant.

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