Actress Kavya Gowda adopts white peafowl from Hampi Zoo

The actress admits that she is tremendously inspired by the challenging star Darshan, who is an ardent lover of animals, has adopted white peafowl from Hampi Zoo which is also known as Atal Bihari Vajpayee Zoological Park.

Actress Kavya shared the news on Instagram confesses that she is a die-hard fan of Darshan and wrote on her Instagram post that she is impressed by his love towards animals, that he has numerous pets at home and that he takes time off by relaxing in the farmhouse around many animals, goes to explore wildlife in forests.

Challenging star Darshan is very passionate about wildlife photography too. He’s adopted many animals at zoos. “Inspired by him I have come forward to adopt a white peafowl Hampi. Hope he continues to inspire many more out there”, says Actress Kavya.

Kavya Gowda who was last seen on the silver screen in the movie Buckasura was supposed to get married to Somshekar on May 13 at an intimate ceremony in Bengaluru. The wedding got postponed due to the pandemic situation.

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