5+ Delicious Food In Hampi Karnataka India

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Hampi is located in Karnataka. The state is a south Indian state that has meals that include south Indian food such as Dosa, idli, etc. A lot of other cuisines are also a part of the state. Are you afraid that you will have to starve since Hampi
is kind of ancient?

Well, you don’t have to be because as much as the site is ancient, it keeps up with its modern citizens. The food offered in the Hampi Karnataka India is more or less vegetarian especially that given in the temple for of course obvious reasons but if you explore the place then you are in for some wonderful dishes. The food is not the best in the world but has reasonably good taste.

Food To Explore In Hampi Karnataka India

Hampi karnataka india
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There are a lot of options in a typical menu in the state of Karnataka. It includes options like Roti/Bhakri which is a bread that is baked on fire and flattened by jowar flour. Other options include badane kaayi which is stuffed brinjal, anna, saaru (a soup), kosambari, kempu chutney, mosarubajji, happala, benne tuppa, etc are some of the other items on the menu.

The meals are served on banana leaves and yes it might seem too much to you but that is a wholesome diet and meal of the area. If you are someone who prefers non-veg then you might face some difficulties in finding the food for you. You should not be worried about the food as you will have some lovely and extremely delicious south Indian food and yes you will have non-veg as well but you will have to wait till you cross the river. If you do try non-veg then you should try the pawn and chicken curry and you can also try fish.

International cuisine? We get your curiosity and we get how much you love these cuisines, however, Hampi as much as is developing and progressing, keeps its authenticity intact and this is also reflected in the food that it serves but hey! You can easily find your favorite cuisine in any big restaurant there. Usually, the big restaurants try and keep all sorts of cuisines so you should be able to find your favorite one.

Food Items You Must Try In Hampi Karnataka India

Do not forget to try the local menu with all the south Indian dishes and the typical thali that offers varieties in curries. Much like Ghar ka khana, you will have great time eating and feeling the food. A thali has so many dishes that you would probably find it difficult to eat another bite.

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The hot weather of Hampi can at times be too much to handle. If you have such a situation or even if you do not, we recommend that you try the sugarcane juice there. It is the speciality of Hampi because of the surrounding sugarcane fields.

This tastes like a relief and calmness on a hot day especially when it comes to the heat of south India. We promise you that you are up for some real taste. The south Indian food here is very authentic and made with different methods that give the food whole different flavours and tastes.

Never Miss The Street Food

It should be a rule that where ever you go, for whatever period, you must under all circumstances try the street food of that area. This also stands true for Hampi You will find a line of street food stalls near the main bazaar in the district of Hampi and trust us you will have all spicy, sizzling, and tempting food there.

Yes, it being cheap is a perk but the taste is all that matters when eating street food. Make sure you go there, find your food of interest, and give it a try. The major street would be the one where the bus station is and from there it extends till the Virupaksha temple Give the area a visit, it is not going to cost much and you would be able to have a satisfied and full belly.

Final Words

You can explore the amazing local restaurants in the district of Hampi. Overall, when it comes to food, you are in a safe and home-like place. Just enjoy the trip and make the most out of it. There are plenty of options for you in terms of food there even if you are a very choosy person. The various restaurants have different ambiences and are very developed so you can easily find your type of food.

However, we strongly recommend sticking to authentic and native food because that would taste the best. The local market has some of the most amazing street food which you will remember in your lifetime. It is cheap and very affordable but is extremely tasty and worth having. Go and visit the place and have a safe journey.

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