3,672 cases have been resolved by the Ballari Lok Adalat.

Ballari Lok Adalat

Lok Adalat of the Ballari District Legal Services Authorities has successfully resolved 3,672 cases and satisfied claims amounting to 28,18,86,847.

Satish G., Senior District Judge and member-secretary of the District Legal Services Authority, announced at a press conference at his office on Monday that 32 benches had been constituted by the Principal District and Sessions Judge Pushpanjali for this purpose.

“A total of 9,657 cases, including those in the pre-litigation stage, were heard in the district’s Lok Adalat, and 3,672 of those cases were resolved through mutual consent and conciliation. The Lok Adalat paid out 28,18,86,847 in compensation and claim settlements” he said.

According to the facts the judge gave, the Lok Adalat, among other things, resolved 251 check bounce cases, 40 bank cases, 42 auto accident cases, and 11 couple divorce cases through the use of negotiation, compromise, and mutual consent.

“In these circumstances, there were no additional fees or costs incurred by the parties to settle their issues. I applaud all the stakeholders who contributed to the initiative’s success, including the parties engaged, the attorneys who represented them, the banks and insurance firms” Mr. Bali added.

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