247 people died of tuberculosis in the past 9 months

In just 9 months, 247 individuals died of tuberculosis in Bellary and Hospet, with 93 people dead in Bellary alone. Siruguppa comes in second with 34 deaths, followed by Vijayanagar with 33 deaths.

A team of specialist doctors led by Dr Tarak Shah travelled to the Bellary on the orders of the Union Health Ministry for a survey on tuberculosis detection, treatment, and recovery and acquired the startling findings. After the delegation returns to Delhi, the report will be presented to the Ministry of Health.

The Secretary of State’s Health will get the preliminary report. Patients, family, doctors, and officials provide information to a team of Central Experts who visit several hospitals in the Bellary district. The team’s co-ordinating officer is Dr. Suresh Shastri, a top tuberculosis specialist with the National Tuberculosis Elimination Program..

In the last ten months, 3,407 tuberculosis cases were discovered in the district with 1,170 people being treated and cured. 1,780 people are still being treated. There is no indication that 24 persons are infected with this disease.

According to sources, tuberculosis is caused by pollution from widespread ore mining, a huge number of cotton mills, and environmental contamination caused by rice mills.

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