1000 acres of forest at Sandur to be cleared for Iron Ore mining

Environmentalists are concerned about Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd’s (KIOCL) plans to open up 1000 acres of forest in Sandur, Ballari District, for iron and manganese ore mining.

In total, 99,330 trees are proposed to be brought down, despite the Forest Department’s advice. Aside from the environmental impact, mining would erode soil and have an impact on water sources and streams in the region.

The Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) has also expressed concern about the impact of mining on wildlife in the region, which could result in increased “man-animal conflict.”

“We are fighting an existential crisis as global temperatures rise as a result of rapidly depleting forest cover and polluting our oceans and rivers. Rather than playing to the needs of lobbies and favored individuals, our representatives must join a greater cause. With global temperatures rising on account of rapidly depleting forest cover and polluting our oceans and rivers, we are fighting an existential crisis. Our leadership has to join a larger cause than catering to the interests of lobbies and favored individuals.” Said an activist

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