Water war heats up between the current and former MLA of Hospet

The MLA of Hospet, HR Gaviappa, and ex-MLA Anand Singh locked horns regarding drinking water on Sunday afternoon. The municipal officials are believed to have stalled the tankers filling water from the drinking water plant in the Chitwadgi region. 

HR Gaviappa assured that the water arrangements have been put into place and there are chances of water misuse by filling tankers of private individuals. If a problem is found, the municipal council will send a water tanker.

This angered Anand Singh and his followers, who staged a protest in the region, blocking the roads.They demanded the Municipal Commissioner visit the place, and when he arrived, he was explained about the problem. 

Anand Singh was heard saying, ‘35 wards in Hospet are facing a water crisis. When people come to me with their problems, it is my responsibility to resolve them, and I have no personal agenda for fulfilling their demands. If I am found guilty, the authority can take action’.

The Municipal Commissioner, after discussing the matter with the MLA, district collector, Municipal Council Chairperson, and members, informed that the issue would be addressed on Monday.

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