They met on a bus in Hampi, now they are traveling the world with their daughter

This is a story of a couple who met while traveling in Hampi, fell in love, and got married. Now, they continue their adventures around the world, but this time with their daughter along for the ride. The couple highlights that traveling is a passion they share and they enjoy exploring new places both as a family and individually.

In 2016, Chandana Rao embarked on a spontaneous trip to Hampi, where she met Sunil on a local bus. They bonded over their shared love for traveling and explored the city together. Their friendship blossomed into love, leading to numerous adventures across India. They eventually got married and welcomed their daughter, Payana.

Their initial encounter in Hampi evolved into a series of shared expeditions across India, marked by budget-conscious travels and a profound connection forged amidst diverse landscapes and cultures. From the ancient alleys of Varanasi to the vibrant hues of Gujarat and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, Chandana and Sunil traversed the length and breadth of the country, embracing each adventure with zeal and resourcefulness.

As their bond deepened, transitioning from friendship to love, Chandana and Sunil embarked on a new journey together – marriage. Amidst the majestic setting of Sri Bhoga Nandishwara Gudi temple at Nandi Hills, they exchanged vows surrounded by loved ones and fellow travel enthusiasts, an ode to their shared passion for exploration and cultural immersion.

Chandana recounts the moment when she crossed paths with Sunil, kindred spirits united by their nomadic inclinations and thirst for exploration.

Their union heralded the dawn of a new chapter, marked by the arrival of their daughter Payana, aptly named to signify the perpetual journey of life. Embracing parenthood with the same spirit of adventure, Chandana and Sunil introduced Payana to the wonders of the world, from snow-capped peaks to wildlife sanctuaries, fostering a love for travel that transcends generations.

Beyond their personal odyssey, Chandana underscores a broader message of empowerment for women, advocating for the pursuit of wanderlust without compromising personal identity or familial responsibilities. Through solo escapades, couple retreats, and family sojourns, she champions the notion that travel is not merely a destination but a testament to one’s resolve and aspirations.

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