Strict regulations on photography at Hampi

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) puts up boards across the sites indicating that drone photography would not be permitted. In addition to this, pre-wedding photoshoots, tripods, commercial photography, high-resolution photography, drawings, and sketches are not authorized without special permission.

P Kalimuthu, ASI Deputy Superintendent, Hampi, said the monuments are spread over a wide area covering 25 sq km and every visitor was difficult to track. A few art students were unhappy about the decision to sketch with special permission required. Hampi is one of the most popular destinations for students and artists to create art throughout the world.

The order came into place after a controversy over a photoshoot inside Vijaya Vittala temple recently. Locals questioned how the department could allow pre-wedding shoots inside the preserved monument. Many asked how photography was being allowed, when even tourists were not permitted to go near the monuments. Rachaiah SS, a resident, said, “Till now, it was quite difficult to regulate photoshoots as people would question the guards to show the rule book. With boards being put up everywhere, it will now create a lot of awareness on what is permitted and what is not.”

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