Somashekhar Reddy warns Jindal to arrange 1000 beds for COVID treatment within 10 days

Somashekhar Reddy warns Jindal to arrange 100 beds for COVID treatment within 10 days

G. Somashekhar Reddy has warned Jindal to arrange 100 beds for COVID care within 10 days. Otherwise, he will march from Bellary to Jindal in front of the factory. Speaking at a press conference Saturday at the city’s press house, Mr. Somashekhar Reddy said the number of COVID infected people in the district is increasing day by day and there should be no shortage of beds. To overcome this, Jindal has to set up a temporary care centre with a thousand beds and provide the necessary assistance and this has to be done within 10 days.

He warned that a fierce fight would be waged against the agency if it did not respond. Mine owners in the district should also come forward and arrange for beds of COVID care centres. He said private hospitals should immediately provide 50 per cent beds.

He also said that the doctors should look after patients more comfortably. He appealed to the people of the district to maintain the social gap, mandatory masks and frequent use of sanitizer.

JSW along with Sanjeevani Multispeciality Hospital has tied-up with six top Hospitals in Ballari district to provide in-patient healthcare facilities for Non-Covid19 patients from the surrounding villages.

Read more about JSW hospital tie-up here: JSW Foundation ties-up with 6 hospitals in Ballari

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