Sheikh Tanveer Asif’s way to tackle Coronavirus

Coronavirus infection is not a problem for the healthy

People with diseases, including lung and heart disease, have higher chances of death soon after being infected with the coronavirus. It has been decided to create ward committees to identify the different types of illnesses, treat them timely and save their lives, Mr. Sheikh Tanveer Asif said.

All the committees function under the authority of municipal councillors. The respective wards will constitute a committee of eight to ten local leaders, including former municipal members. These committees collect data on those suffering from other diseases, including asthma, lung, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and so on.

They are then given the Rapid Test. If they are infected, they will be given special treatment, ”he told a news conference on Saturday.

Coronavirus infection is not a problem for the healthy. A large number of people die from various types of disease. These committees are being formed with the aim of protecting them. This is a special, new trial in the entire state. These committees will work from Monday (July 13). People suffering from any type of disease should come forward themselves and be tested.

According to the new government guidelines, now newly infected people may be in isolation at home. And these homes will be highlighted with a red sticker. A yellow sticker will be attached to the home of the contact. Every day a team of doctors visit and check-in.

A 100-bed care centre has been opened in the outskirts of the city. Already 30 COVID patients are being cared for there. Arrangements have been made for 36 beds at the city government hospital. People with mild fever are being treated there. If the symptoms are severe, they will be shifted to COVID Hospital.

A total of 331 people are infected in Hospet and 218 containment areas. Four people have died. A total of ₹ 2.50 lakh has been imposed on those who do not wear a mask and deal with the gap.

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