Lake water in Bagguru village turns green, no action has been taken

Water from a lake in Bagguru village, Siruguppa taluk, turns green. Although concerns among villagers prevail as they’ve been fed with the same water. Villages of Bagguru fear that they might fall sick with the consumption of the lake water.

With an intention of distributing water to the villages that come under the jurisdiction of Bagguru Gram panchayat, Bagguru, Chankanooru, Karjiganooru, Srinagar camp, the lake has been built.

But lately, the people from the villages nearby have not had access to clean and fresh drinking water. The government is spending millions of rupees every year to make freshwater availability, feasible from the lake.

However, the water of the lake is contaminated and worries the villagers are not worried. Water is being supplied to the village to drink from the lake. But since, the lake water has turned green and no Government official has so far informed villagers about whether or not the water is safe to drink, which is why villagers are hesitant to use lake water.

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