JSW Employee Killed In a Road Accident

An employee of JSW was killed in a road accident on Wednesday. The victim is identified as Anjaneya (34) who use to work at the Jindal factory in Toranagal. Police said that Anjaneya was on his way to work. The biker was killed when his bike was hit by a truck and the vehicle got under the truck. The busses for JSW employees have been halted due to COVID-19, thus the employees are forced to travel by themselves.

The condition of riders on the deteriorating road is getting worse. A case has been registered at Gadiganur police station.

8 Safety Tips For Two Wheeler Riders

1. Invest In Helmet

While buying a two-wheeler, it is important to invest in a helmet, as it will protect your head from any injury/damage. Buy a helmet with ISI certification. Besides, while purchasing the helmet make sure that it covers your full face with the jaws. In case, if you have a pillion rider buy a helmet for them as well. Also, ensure that the helmet does have a plastic shield to protect your eyes against wind, dust, rain, and so on.

2. Ride What You Can Handle

Do not buy a two-wheeler based on its appearance. Rather buy a two-wheeler, which will be easy to drive and can easily be handled by you.

3. Wear Safety Gear

It is important to wear adequate safety gear, for instance, elbow guard, jackets, etc. before getting ahead towards the desired destination. If you are somebody who loves to go on road trips on a two-wheeler then this should not be neglected by you at any cost. It might get a bit hot specifically during the summers but it is better to be safe than sorry. Having the riding gear on you will be able to avoid perils and expenses, which may incur later. Besides, if any female is on the two-wheeler, better take care of the dupattas/stoles so that they cannot be stuck into the wheels of the two-wheeler, which may lead to some serious reverberation.

4. Do not Ride under Bad Weather Conditions

It is better not to ride a two-wheeler under bad weather conditions specifically while it is raining or strong winds. There are chances that one might meet with an accident under turbulent weather conditions.

5. Do not ride while you are angry

Do not ride when your angry as one may end up in an serious accident by riding harshly. So its important to ride with a peace of mind.

6. Obey Rules

Follow the traffic rules as traffic rules have been designed to cater to the safety interest of the people. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a BIG NO. Besides, do not over-speed or try to overtake. You might be in a hurry, a two-wheeler can be replaced but your life cannot, it is precious.

7. Check Your Bike Before You Ride

Make it a thumb-rule of checking your two-wheeler before you gear the wheels. Besides, get your two-wheeler serviced at regular interval from recognized service centres. Look out for the condition of the brakes, air pressure, clutch, and so on. The better is the condition of the two-wheeler; the better would be the fuel efficiency, which may also decrease the risk of accidents/ mishap.

8. Buy Two Wheeler Insurance

Buying two-wheeler insurance is one worthy investment. In case, if you meet with an accident causing any damage/loss, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will come to your rescue and will secure you against any incurred fiscal cost. Moreover, in India third-party two-wheeler insurance is a mandate.

Riding safely on the roads does not mean that you need to compromise much on the thrill aspect of riding a two-wheeler. To enjoy the thrill and ensure the safety of yourself and others, follow the above-mentioned tips, and avoid getting into hassles or accidents.

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