Informative Guide To Riverside Ruins Hampi

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Riverside Ruins Hampi is on the northern side of Kodandarama Temple. These ruins are scattered on both sides of the famous river Tungabhadra. These big boulders attract visitors. The major attraction of this place is Shivlings. There are 108 shivlings.

These lingas carved on a flat rocky surface. Besides these 108 shivlings, there are 1008 lingas. These numbers are considered to be significant according to Hindu Culture. 

Some Facts About Riverside Ruins


Visitors can visit riverside ruins from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. every day.

Entry Fee

You need to pay an entry fee of around 30 INR.


It is allowed to capture but because of the rocky surface and river be a little careful 

Visit Duration

You can spend the whole day here but to explore this spot it will take around 45 minutes of walking.

Best Time To Visit 

You can visit anytime but it’s better to visit Hampi in winter.

Attractions Of Riverside Ruins Hampi

At a little distance, there is a vertical rocky surface where you will notice a carved sculpture of God Vishnu. Another interesting thing about this place is that it has a series of pavilions. These are partially drowned small shrines. After covering a short distance along the bank of the river there is a temple called Kodandarama Temple. 

This spot overlooks the holiest spot of the Tungabhadra river which is Chakratirtha. At the front of this temple, there is a dipa stambha, this stambha is sheltered by a wide peepal tree ( Ficus religios). This temple is dedicated to God Ram and Lakshmana and Goddess Sita. Pilgrims also worship Lord Hanuman in this temple. 

Several shrines can be seen in the southern direction at a higher elevation. One of these shrines is dedicated to Vitthala. Another shrine is built on a huge boulder which displays a delicate model composition showing Anjaneya inside an eight-pointed star. The third shrine shows the flaming discus weapon of Lord Vishnu. 

Structure Of Riverside Sculptures

The North side of Kodandarama temple leads the visitors towards Kotitirtha. It is in the Tungabhadra gorge. By climbing over the boulder visitors will notice some unusual and unique boulders. It includes two large mandalas, which are composed of small lingas, together with a fine portrait of Anantashayana. 

Among these, a few carvings show the 24 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Not just that, these boulders in the above portion explain several chapters of Hiranyakashipu and Narasimha’s story. 

Riverside Ruins Hampi Current Condition 

The ruins have huge boulders together with carvings on them. Some of those carvings explain the story and give insights into the history of Hampi. This place is a major attraction for visitors to Hampi. 

The pathway continues along the colonnades and ghats above the popular holy spot Chakratirtha. Within a few minutes, you will reach the street of Hampi Bazaar. 

How To Reach Riverside Ruins Hampi

Riverside Ruins Hampi
Source: Unsplash

This spot is quite popular in Hampi so you can easily reach it here. During the monsoon sometimes water discharges into the Tungabhadra river from an upstream dam. This restrains the coracle ride otherwise you can hire a coracle to reach nearby the Kodanda Rama Temple. 

You need to ask for a ride to 108 Shiva Linga spots. The charges for this ride are around 30-50 INR. 

Final Note 

This is all about the riverside ruins Hampi and Kodandarama Temple. You should visit this spot whenever you visit Hampi but avoid visiting here during monsoon. As it becomes difficult to hire a coracle if the weather is not favorable. Except for the monsoon, you can visit anytime here to seek the blessings of the Lord together with exploring the history through unique carvings of boulders. 

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