Increase in crowding as the lockdown restrictions were eased in the district

As the lockdown restrictions were eased in the district since 21st June, due to a reduction in the number of Covid positive cases, the movement of people has been allowed till 5 PM in the district. The streets are overcrowded and no social distancing norms are being followed.

The buses started to function on Monday and have continued since then and have received a great response as the passengers have been making complete use of it. The passengers used the bus services from morning till noon, but minimal passengers were spotted afternoon.

As the restaurants, so far had allowed for takeaways only, are now open for eat-in and the crowd was spotted at various restaurants across the district.

The clothing stores also faced a lockdown of over 2 months, they are all now open and the crowd accumulated in these clothing stores also. Other shops like Flowers, Fruits, Bicycle, Puncture shops, Footwear, Xerox, Electronics and electrical shops were also open and experienced untimely crowd.

In some shops, the social distancing and other COVID appropriate behaviour were followed, but in others, the norms were highly violated. The public got out on the streets with the vehicles which resulted in unwanted crowding in Main Bazar, Gandhi Chowk, Hampi Road, College road, T.B Dam road, Rama Talkies Road, heavy vehicular traffic was observed.

The imposition of lockdown in the state due to Covid has affected the lives of many poor and economically dependant families, to ease their lives a bit, the state has announced for relaxation in lockdown guidelines. The people have completely ignored that fact and have been over-utilising the relaxations announced.

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