“I will go to Bellary soon with the blessings of Hanuman” Janardhan Reddy

Gali Janardhana Reddy, MLA and former minister, expressed his elation after participating in the Puja at Anjanadri in Koppal.  In addition, Reddy expressed his fervent urge to visit Bellary soon, seeking the blessings of Lord Hanuman.  Reddy emphasized the significance of the day, stating that Hanuman, born in Koppal district, rejoiced alongside the entire nation as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, inaugurated the installation ceremony at Ayodhya.

Speaking to the media, Janardhana Reddy conveyed that the happiness transcends borders and that Hanuman is the first to rejoice in the installation of Ramamurthy. Drawing a connection between Ram Bhakti (devotion to Lord Rama) and patriotism, he asserted that serving Anjanadri, akin to the development of Ayodhya, is a commitment he holds dear. Janardhana Reddy pledged to contribute to the global development of Anjanadri, highlighting the significance of serving Hanuman in the present Kali Yuga.

Expressing his devotion, he revealed plans to bring Tungabhadra water from Gangavati Kshetra for Mandal Puja, adorned with 108 gold-plated kalashes, to Ayodhya. Additionally, Janardhana Reddy spoke of booking an entire train to convey the celebratory spirit from Gangavati to Ayodhya for the installation of Lord Rama’s idol.

Describing Anjanadri Hill as a house of celebration, the former minister emphasized the importance of service to Hanuman and pledged to provide strength for this divine cause. The article concluded by highlighting the luminous celebration at Anjanadri, with 575 steps illuminated and adorned, symbolizing the joyous occasion of Sri Rama Murthy’s installation in Ayodhya.

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