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Harihar to Ballari train: 9 to 14 hours delay causes frustration among Passengers

Train no. 07396, connecting Harihar and Ballari, faces mounting criticism from passengers due to persistent delays. Despite being scheduled to cover the 235-kilometer journey in six hours, the train often takes an extended 9 to 14 hours, causing frustration among travelers. Departing from Harihar at 2.15 p.m., the train frequently arrives in Ballari in the early hours of the next day, far beyond its intended 8.10 p.m. arrival time.

Passengers, disenchanted with the sluggish pace, are accusing the South Western Railway (SWR) of intentionally neglecting the service under the guise of low patronage. Rakesh BM, a post-graduate student, recounted the ordeal of his relative, who embarked on a journey that stretched from a delayed 4 p.m. departure to a 2.30 a.m. arrival in Ballari.

Describing it as a “walking train,” social worker VK Narasimhamurthy highlighted that the journey, intended to take 6 hours, sometimes extends to 12 or 14 hours. Passengers are opting for road travel, even though the DEMU is the sole train between Harihar and Ballari. Allegations suggest that SWR favors goods and express trains, attributing the DEMU delays to technical reasons while facilitating other trains.

Commuters at Toranagallu are facing crowded buses due to the train’s frequent delays, impacting about 300 daily travelers to Ballari. Expressing dissatisfaction, passengers argue that the train should serve their convenience rather than subjecting them to inconvenience. Aneesh Hegde, Chief Public Relations Officer of South Western Railway, Hubballi, acknowledged recent delays caused by technical failures, promising a review and efforts to ensure punctual service for the benefit of passengers.

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