Hampi Utsav’s backstage catches fire, timely fire brigade response prevents disaster

Amid the vibrant atmosphere of the Hampi Utsav, an unexpected turn of events unfolded during the program. The focal point, Gayatri Peetha, the festival’s main stage, became the center of attention as a fire broke out on the bed adjacent to it. Quick and decisive action by the fire brigade prevented a potential disaster, swiftly extinguishing the flames. 

It is suspected that the fire started due to the thrown cigarette lighter.  Despite the intensity of the flames, there was a collective sigh of relief as no lives were lost in the incident.

The backdrop of this incident serves as a reminder of the fragility of large-scale events, even as the community comes together to revel in cultural festivities. As the festival continues, organizers and authorities are likely to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure the safety and security of the remaining events.

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