Hampi G20 Summit Estimated to Incur Rs 47 Crore Expenses for State Treasury


Anticipated to incur an expenditure of Rs 47 crore, the state government is preparing to host the G20 meetings, encompassing the third cultural working group and third sherpa meeting. Scheduled to take place soon, this significant event will unfold amidst the mesmerizing historic ruins of Hampi in the Vijayanagara district.

During his visit to Bengaluru on Friday, Tourism Minister HK Patil conducted a comprehensive review of the preparations for the upcoming G20 meetings. It was revealed that several departments of the state government are collaboratively allocating approximately Rs 46.7 crore for the event.

A significant portion of these funds will be allocated to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the Public Works Department (PWD) to enhance road infrastructure and ensure mobile and internet connectivity. To fulfill the requirements of the Home Department, the largest portion of the expenses will be utilized to acquire new vehicles, safety equipment, and construct police outposts. The Home Department’s proposal alone amounts to an estimated Rs 13.5 crore. Notably, Rs 15 crore has already been disbursed for the aforementioned works.

Additionally, the Home Department has put forth a proposal to install surveillance cameras and implement various road safety measures in Hampi, with an estimated monthly cost of Rs 2 crore over the span of eight months. Nevertheless, senior government officials indicate that the complete proposal might not receive acceptance.

As per an official, it is clarified that the allocated Rs 47 crore is not solely designated for the G20 event itself, but primarily aimed at the development of Hampi and its surrounding regions. The comprehensive plan encompasses various initiatives, including the installation of underground 11kV power lines alongside road infrastructure, which holds the potential to enhance tourism in the area beyond the duration of the event.

The state has proposed additional events for delegates attending the G-20 meetings at Hampi. These include guided monument tours, yoga sessions, river treks, and coracle rides. A unique night tour is also being planned, with assistance from the Archaeological Survey of India. Representatives from 33 countries will be participating, including high-ranking officials. Minister H.K. Patil held a meeting to review preparations for the G-20 meeting.

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