Forest Department takes steps to increase the green cover in Daroji Bear Sanctuary

The Forest Department has come up with a massive project to make the Daroji Bear Sanctuary completely green by increasing the forest cover. The bear sanctuary is located near Kamalapura in Hosapete taluk of the Vijayanagar district.

Sprawling over an area of ​​8,272.80 hectares, the Daroji Bear Sanctuary is covered with hills, and scrub forest. In over 86 hectares, 20 species of trees are being planted. The varieties of plants being sown include cotton, Banyan tree, Blueberry, Custard Apple, Guava, Neem, and many more.

There are already 28 varieties of plantations in the sanctuary. The groundwater level is already augmented by the construction of Ingudundi, Badu, and small lakes around this place. It is now expected that to increase the green cover of the entire haven (sanctuary) by massive afforestation project.

There is a total of 13 km that has been assigned for a safari inside the Bear Sanctuary. The kaccha roads are being transformed into the pakka roads. The forest. The opportunity for Nature Camping and for viewing the animals and birds will be given. The entire renovation project will be completed in smaller steps.

Over 23,000 saplings will be sown in the upcoming days in order to increase the green cover. There already has been a lot of trees grown in the ​​8,272.80 hectares area which has increased the groundwater, has reduced the problems of lack of water in the selected area.

An increase in the forest cover and ready availability of water will avoid the animals from the area to move to other surrounding places in search of food. Their offspring will also facilitate growth and there is a shortage of food for animals, and birds as there were previously selected species of trees and fruits available.

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