Floriculturists face challenges due to lockdown in Vijayanagara

Vijayanagara district favours all the climatic and soil conditions to grow humungous varieties of flowers but the challenges faced by the floriculturists in transporting and selling the flowers has become a major concern because of the complete lockdown imposed in the districts of Ballari and Vijayanagara.

In Hosapete, over 63 farmers are growing flowers in 15.69 hectares, in Kamalapur taluk, 45 farmers have been growing in 10.74 hectares, 76 farmers in Mariammananahalli have been growing in 14.89 hectares. But the growers are crying out that the crop is being wasted as the police have imposed restrictions on the sale of flowers in the wake of lockdown by the district administration.

The burden-bearing of the fines along with the loss incurred by the lockdown. The city is a major market for most farmers in the Vijayanagar district. Even though farmers are allowed by the Horticulture Department to carry the crop grown, the police on duty stop the vehicle by penalizing them and seize the vehicles.

Farmers allege that in addition to the loss of flowers to the farmers, the penalty of the police is also unbearable.

“Farmers are allowed to carry agricultural produce. However, if the farmers have a problem with the police, we will relevant take actions” – J. Shankrappa, Senior Assistant Horticulture Department,

“The sale of items has been prohibited strictly in the district, If valid permission from the respective department is available, the police will have no problem. Even if issues pertain, relevant actions shall be taken” – Saidalu Adavat, SP, Bellary

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