DC Pavan Kumar Malapati takes part in Forest Martyr’s day in Ballari

District Collector Pavan Kumar Malapati took part in the celebration of the National Forest Martyrs’ Day in the premises of the city’s Deputy Forest Conservatory office on Saturday.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Malapati said all of us have a duty to remember the martyrs who are devoted to the protection of wildlife and the environment and to support the families of those who lost their lives.

“Forest personnel are protecting the environment in the city like soldiers fighting to protect the country at borders. The role of forest department officials is very crucial in environmental protection. For 2 years, the Ballari district has been experiencing a good amount of downpour and so is the greenery growing. Plantation drives are also being carried out in and around the district which is sure to provide a healthier environment for humans to live in”, said Mr Malapati.

SSL Lingaraju, Chief Forest Conservator of Bellary Circle, spoke on this day of Forest Martyr’s day and exclaimed the importance of the lives that were lost to protect the forest life. He said that they have left us with strong determination to discharge our duties with respect to conserve forests. There is 38 lakh hectares of forest land in the state and more than 8,000 forest staff are working as permanent employees.

The role of the Forest Department in protecting the land is very important. If you build a balanced environment then the upcoming generation will be better. It is our duty to save the environment for the next generation. No one has the right to dismantle the environment.

He also said that the forest conservation work should remain constant and Rs 30 lakhs will be given as compensation for those who lose their lives during duty. This solution should be made available to all employees of the Forest Department, daily wage workers. “We will do our best to protect the forest land and not waste it”.

District Police Superintendent Saidalu Adavat spoke about the role of the Police and Forest Department in building a better society. Measures must be taken to assist the family of the forest staff who lost their lives in protecting the forest. Environmental protection is a constant task. He said the department would help to maintain discipline and behaviour.

He said many people have lost their lives in creating a better society through forest protection by serving the country and the country’s people.

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