Cycle track to be built at Hampi connecting important monuments

To promote easier, eco-friendly tourism, the archaeological department and the district government plans to establish a cycling route connecting important monuments in Hampi.

Due to the immensity of the area and the lack of motorable roads, tourists tend to stick to the most well-known and noteworthy landmarks only. As a result, the archaeological department and the district administration aim to build cycle paths around Hampi.

Anirudh Sravan Pulipaka, the newly constituted Vijayanagar District’s Deputy Commissioner, rode all over the place to assess the project’s potential. The project will entail the construction of a cycling path that will connect all of Hampi’s notable landmarks.

Pulipaka describes Hampi as an eco-friendly tourist destination where visitors can tour the site on bicycles or on foot. He claims that it is a top priority for him to ensure that tourists are able to visit all or as many monuments as they choose, without having to skip a few due to a lack of suitable roads. He tells us that he and the tourism department are now examining the potential of expanding tourist amenities in Hampi.

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