Bellary police arrest suspect in IPL betting operation, ₹46k seized

A person allegedly involved in IPL betting has been apprehended by the Bruce Pet police in Bellary. The individual, identified as Lakshminarasimha was found in possession of ₹46,000 during the arrest.

DSP Nandareddy, during a routine patrol on Saturday night, received information regarding illicit betting activity concerning the IPL match between Punjab and Lucknow teams. Acting on the tip-off, a raid was promptly conducted with the assistance of law enforcement personnel, leading to the apprehension of Lakshminarasimha.

Reportedly, the accused openly offered odds of ₹200 for every ₹100 in the betting scheme. It is alleged that he would collect money from the public and issue betting tickets. An FIR has been lodged against him in connection with the incident.

PSI Soumya, along with personnel Umashankar, Sharmas, Parushuramappa, Viresh, Thimmappa, and others, participated in the operation.

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