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Bellary district administration has deleted more than one lakh names of fake voters.

fake voters

The administration of the Bellary district has done a fantastic job of identifying fraudsters and unidentified voters. Not ten, not twenty, but one lakh, seventeen thousand fraudulent votes are removed.

A significant effort has been made by the Bellary district administration to identify double-digit and fake voter names.  After a massive operation against those who use deceased individuals’ names for political reasons, the Bellary district government removed the names of more than 20,000 deceased individuals. Due to some people casting votes in the place of the deceased, it has been necessary to conduct this procedure in this way.

fake voters

In Bellary district’s five constituencies, there are now 11 lakh 33 000 registered voters. 33 thousand young voters were added to this, while 1 lakh 17 thousand Bellary district votes were removed. The majority of the industries from Andhra’s border region moved to Bellary, a location with a high population density. The names of those who arrived from Andhra will appear on the voter lists.

District Collector Pawan Malpati added that photo resemblance allowed for the detection of the background of two or three locations where the name was identified for political purposes. In this way, a major operation was carried out by listing names on two lists, and the names of more than one lakh voters were eliminated.

Bellary has a reputation for being a sanctuary for crime. In the past, voting in people’s names who had passed away involved adding names to the voter lists of two or three wards. However, after many years, transparent elections have been made possible by voter list modification.

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