Ballari student attacked by Siruguppa hostel warden for criticizing food preparation

In an unsettling incident at a Hostel in Siruguppa, Ballari district, a student faced a violent assault by the hostel warder. The altercation ensued after the student questioned the quality of the cooking. The video capturing the assault on BA student Ravi has gone viral, shedding light on the disturbing incident. 

Ravi, who was subjected to both physical and verbal abuse, is now demanding the dismissal of Dawood. The hostel’s management staff, including Balaram and Warden Dawood, reportedly dragged Ravi and assaulted him, tearing his shirt and behaving in a manner akin to rowdyism. 

Disturbingly, there are allegations that Ravi was subjected to further assault for providing information about the initial attack. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of students residing in the hostel.

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