Ballari District Records 20 Degrees This Tuesday

Reports say that Ballari, Gadag, and a few more northern Karnataka districts on Tuesday recorded 20 Degree Celcius and has been that way for the past two days. The temperature has already been dipping in some parts of Karnataka but weather experts say it is not the winter season yet, though the chill will set in earlier than usual in December.

IMD director CS Patil said, “Winter in Karnataka is going to be severe this time. Bengaluru may also see a dip in temperature in January and February. As a result, visibility in the capital city of Karnataka will be affected”.

“The fog cover is expected to increase which might lead to low visibility in the city and might affect the movement of traffic, trains, and flights. Even now the amount of Fog that the city is experiencing was unexpected and is unusual” says Patil.

According to Patil, the typical winter season is January and February in India. But sometimes it can set in early and temperatures start dropping in December.

Ballari district has a history of recording a minimum of 19 degrees Celcius temperature last year, and according to the forecasts it has been expected to drop to 20 Degrees or even less this year. But the reports say that the dew point is 12 Degrees Celcius in Ballari District for the past two days.

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