Ballari corporation takes action against ₹17.56 crore tax arrears from commercial buildings

In Ballari city, 55 owners of commercial buildings are facing action from the Corporation due to outstanding tax arrears totaling approximately 17.56 crore. The city is divided into three zones, collectively overseeing 1,25,795 properties, with 15,679 dedicated to commercial purposes. Zone-1 has 33 commercial buildings with arrears amounting to 15.75 crore, Zone-2 has 9 buildings owing over 1.47 crore, and Zone-3 reports 5 properties with 32.91 lakh in arrears, contributing to the overall outstanding amount.

The Corporation aims to generate an annual revenue of ₹45 crore through taxes, and the outstanding arrears represent nearly half of this target. Notably, private schools and colleges also have pending tax payments, according to Corporation officials. Notices have been issued to building owners with tax arrears, and they are required to respond, file objections, or make the necessary payments. However, it is reported that 55 building owners have not yet responded to the notices, prompting the Corporation to initiate confiscation operations.

The usual tax collection period begins in April with discounted rates, extending to May and June for regular tax payments without discounts. After July, taxes become payable with penalties. Additionally, a self-declared property tax system has been implemented, providing a convenient online payment option for taxpayers.

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