Ballari City Corporation decides to install CCTV cameras to monitor waste management

The Ballari City Corporation has unanimously approved a proposal led by B. Nagendra, Minister for Youth Empowerment, Sports, and Tribal Welfare and Ballari in-charge, to install CCTV cameras at key locations for effective monitoring of waste management in the city. During the general body meeting on Thursday, members emphasized the crucial role of public involvement in maintaining a clean, green, and healthy Ballari. They advocated for an awareness campaign to educate citizens about their responsibilities.

Responding to these concerns, Mr. Nagendra proposed collaborating with local organizations and associations in each ward to raise awareness. He highlighted the pressing issue of stray cattle disrupting vehicular movement and suggested issuing public notices to direct owners to confine their livestock to private premises.

Addressing another proposal to allocate ₹30 crore for developing the old Tahsildar office premises into offices for corporation members, all members expressed unanimous support.

In light of the recent surge in theft and robbery cases, Minister Nagendra announced plans to instruct the police to intensify night patrolling efforts in the city. The meeting, attended by Ballari City MLA Nara Bharath Reddy, Mayor B. Shwetha, Deputy Mayor B. Janaki, chairpersons of various standing committees, Corporation Commissioner G. Khaleel Sab, and others, discussed these initiatives to enhance the overall well-being and security of Ballari.

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