Ballari administration offers 5% off on the property tax

You can get 5% off on the property tax if it is cleared within 31st of July 2020. The administration also said that there won’t be any extension for the same. It has come to notice that a huge number of people have not cleared their property tax in Ballari district.

The Minister of Urban Development had instructed all the wards of the city to collect taxes accordingly, conduct surveys and uncover unauthorized building assets. The authorities surveyed 35 wards in the Bellary metropolitan area and found 12,227 unauthorized buildings and premises.

The officials have identified all assets and have issued an e-account number and formulated a scheme for tax evasion. Policy officials have made it clear that they will create an app from the policy so that they can get comprehensive information on each property.

Most of the sites in the Bellary metropolitan area have been identified through surveys. An e-account has been arranged for payment of taxes from such buildings and a number is given to the building. The public can pay taxes on that number.

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12,227 unauthorized buildings found in Ballari

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