B. Sriramulu declares assets worth ₹45.88 crore for Ballari candidacy

Former Minister and BJP candidate for Ballari, B. Sriramulu, has disclosed his total assets amounting to ₹45.88 crore, which includes movable assets valued at ₹6.22 crore. Additionally, he reported liabilities of ₹6.69 crore.

In the affidavit submitted alongside his nomination papers to the Returning Officer of Ballari Lok Sabha Constituency, Mr. Sriramulu stated that his wife possesses movable assets valued at ₹2.28 crore and immovable assets worth ₹20.29 crore.

His son, Dhanush, holds movable assets worth ₹1.59 crore and immovable assets worth ₹50 lakh, while his daughter, Ankita, possesses movable assets worth ₹31.96 lakh.

Mr. Sriramulu’s movable assets encompass ₹5.50 lakh in cash, ₹1.45 crore in bank deposits, and various vehicles including a BMW car, an Ashok Leyland bus, and a Toyota Innova. He also declared ownership of 4,257 grams of gold and 9,500 grams of silver.

His immovable assets comprise agricultural land valued at ₹6 lakh, non-agricultural land worth ₹23.94 crore, commercial buildings worth ₹2.5 crore, and residential buildings valued at ₹13.15 crore.

Regarding his wife’s assets, she holds ₹2.5 lakh in cash, loans amounting to ₹75 lakh given to others, and 2,330 grams of gold jewellery. Her immovable assets include agricultural land in Hampi valued at ₹5 lakh and non-agricultural land in Ballari worth ₹20.24 crore.

Meanwhile, Congress candidate for the Ballari Lok Sabha constituency, E. Tukaram, submitted his nomination papers along with an affidavit disclosing his assets and liabilities. His total assets are reported to be ₹2.01 crore, with his wife, E. Annapurna, owning assets valued at ₹1 crore. They have declared liabilities of ₹30 lakh and ₹93 lakh, respectively.

Sriramulu faces allegations including land grabbing and tax evasion, with five criminal cases pending against him. Conversely, Tukaram has no criminal cases against him and holds assets worth ₹2.01 crore, with liabilities amounting to ₹30 lakh.

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