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Amma’s Kitchen- Serving Homemade Food – Prepared with Mom’s love

A Mouth-watering venture started by a couple, Mr. Anil Kumar and Mrs. Jayalakshmi Aralihalli. They began delivering salubrious and scrumptious pure vegetarian food to the customers, in and around Hosapete, and to many other cities in Karnataka with a motive of fulfilling your cravings for homemade food. The food is prepared as a whole by Mrs. Aralihalli with the help of 3-4 helpers around her.

They started off servicing on May 19, 2020, and have been looking after your desire, to devour homemade food, with no added preservatives. The marketing, advertising, and the one who looks out for orders is the couple’s daughter, Impana Sharan. They cater services to a huge crowd and also to one single person’s cravings.

From one’s wedding saga to a person’s mood swings, and If you’ve got unexpected guests at home, they have got it all covered for you. The food delivery is free of cost so far and you will have to pay when the food is delivered to you at your doorstep by either the regular cash on delivery or by UPI payment mode.

They excel at making all types of food for you, from the traditional and south Indian blockbuster Idli Vada to the North Indian chartbuster Aloo Paratha for breakfast. Do not forget to mention it to your North Indian friend who has settled back around you. For lunch, they have a variant list of the menu which will leave you salivating and one should definitely check out, which covers ‘Holige Oota’, ‘Rotti Oota’, and many more, out of which these two remain their signature dishes.

They also have proudly been claiming to have delivered their dissimilar and diverse set of snack items in profuse to country aboard like Canada and will continue to do so in the future. Some of their preeminent and acclaimed signature snack dishes are ‘Shaavige’, ‘Bonda Soup and Ragada Pattice’, ‘Mandakki Oggarni and Mirchi’. Other profound and everyone’s favourite snack items that can be preserved for a long time and which they profess to be their Best-selling items include, ‘Chakli Nippat and Palak Nippat’.

So, the next time you have cravings for homemade food or if you’re not wanting to waste your time on cooking for your kitty parties, you know whom to turn to, As there’s this famous saying “Age dosen’t matter, One’s hard work does”, Mrs. Aralihalli is now 54 years, old enough to know better and young enough to do it anyway. With the support of her husband, setting examples for women empowerment, she has decided to rise to new heights alongside her family.

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Instagram: @ammas_kitchen2020
Their contact numbers are: +91 9141648487 and +91 9844264256.

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