Administration launches ERSS vehicles

Minister Anand Singh inaugurated emergency police vehicle ERSS – Emergency Response Support System on Saturday. The ERSS provides 112 emergency services in a fast and efficient way.

The public can contact the staff of ERSS by dialing 112. The staff members, who receive the call, will get necessary details from the public and respond to them immediately. The nearest vehicle would be sent to the spot and the caller would get a message on his/her mobile phone. In the future, ambulance services would also be attached to ERSS.

The ERSS can also identify the location of persons in distress, connecting through voice or data, and immediate assistance will be provided to the affected by a special squad through allotted vehicles. The system will direct people to the concerned agency like police, fire, and rescue, etc. Minister Anand Singh said that the public should make use of the helpline.

ERSS is an initiative of the Union government under the Nirbhaya funds scheme for ensuring the safety of women and children. EESS is a pan-India emergency response system for citizens, which they can access either by dialing the number or through the use of an app in smartphones.

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