Actual name of Hospet city was Naagalapura

The actual name of Hospet or Hosapete city was Naagalapura.

Hospet city was built in 1520 AD by Krishna Deva Raya, one of the rulers of Vijayanagara.

He built the city in honor of his mother Naagalaambika, thus the name Naagalapura

Krishna Deva Raya

However, people referred to this city as “Hosa Pete”which meant “New City” in Kannada Language.

The area between Hampi and Hosapete is still called Naagalapura. This was the main entrance to the city of Vijayanagara for travelers coming from the west coast.

On then on Nov 1st 2014 the name Hospet was changed to Hosapete.

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