Aadhaar card compulsory to visit Hampi

Aadhaar is now mandatory for visitors to enjoy the beauty of Hampi monuments. The central government has put up this rule to prevent the spread of corona by keeping a track of the visitors.
Earlier, tickets were given to tourists locally. But now, E-Tickets are being offered online. Aadhaar card number should be entered while getting a ticket. Even the archaeological department personnel are required to show Aadhaar when visiting the monument.

Before the lockdown, Hampi had 600 to 1000 visitors a day. But now there are only 20 to 50 tourists per day.

Other general social distancing rules, masks and sanitizers are compulsory too.

The central government sets rules, they are being maintained by the Archaeological Department. Those who visit the monument must follow the rules

-deputy head of the Hampi circle.

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